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Solicitation of Prostitution Defense Attorney in Phoenix

Prostitution continues to be on the rise in the United States. In Arizona, the laws used to prosecute these offenses are among the most severe in the country. Both prostitutes and those who solicit their services, if convicted, face mandatory time in jail – even if they have no prior criminal record. Joshua S. Davidson has tailored his practice to the defense of individuals facing criminal charges such as yours. If you are facing a prostitution charge, Attorney Davidson is equipped and qualified to represent you.

Prostitution charges are most commonly charged when a person:

  • Engages in sex under an agreement for payment
  • Agrees to exchange sexual conduct for a fee
  • Offers to participate in oral sexual contact or sexual intercourse for money

Defense Strategies Used By Attorney Davidson

Davidson will examine your case to help ensure that your rights were not violated in any way during your arrest. In many prostitution and solicitation cases, law enforcement officials do not follow the strict procedures expected of them. Mr. Davidson may be able to expose deficiencies in the prosecution's case and use them to your advantage. To maximize the prospect of your charges being dismissed or reduced, Attorney Davidson will thoroughly investigate the evidence surrounding your case.

Some law enforcement errors include:

  • Failure to read you your Miranda rights
  • No search warrant given before a search was performed
  • Engaging in entrapment

In addition to police errors, many prostitution cases can be defended by aggressively challenging the sufficiency of the evidence. Because the majority of prostitution cases arise from sting investigations involving the use of undercover police officers, an arrest will typically be made before any sexual conduct actually occurs. In these cases, prosecutors will ordinarily need to rely on the alleged statements of the accused to establish that an agreement or offer to exchange sex for money was made.

Depending on the actual words used during the encounter, a skilled defense attorney may be able to challenge these types of cases on the basis that the pre-arrest conversation was either too vague or did not amount to an agreement or offer. Other cases may be defended by challenging the reliability of the undercover officer's testimony regarding the details of his or her dialogue with the accused.

How Attorney Davidson Can Help You

Retaining the assistance of a qualified sex crime lawyer is necessary if you're charged with a prostitution offense in Arizona. Joshua S. Davidson knows how to properly challenge prostitution cases and identify police errors. He also understands that a prostitution arrest can be particularly embarrassing and will endeavor to make the process less emotionally difficult to endure. With him as your attorney, you can be confident that you will receive serious and aggressive representation every step of the way.

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