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Have You Been Charged with Luring a Minor?

Luring of a Minor is a very serious offense under Arizona Law and can be charged in court whenever a person is accused of attempting to persuade a minor to engage in sexual conduct. Although most luring cases arise from chat room and other online computer communication, any attempt to induce a minor into sexual conduct can amount to luring. Most luring cases are based on investigations involving the use of undercover police officers assuming the identity of underage minors. While these cases are quite serious and trigger potentially devastating penalties in the event of a conviction, even harsher sentences are handed down in cases involving actual children – particularly if they are under the age of 15.

Even more serious charges of Aggravated Luring are filed when the solicitation of sexual conduct with the minor includes the transmission or sending of explicit images. If you are facing luring or aggravated luring charges, our firm can provide the answers that you need as you move forward. We will work to ensure that you understand what you have been charged for, how we can defend you, and the penalties you could be facing.

What are the penalties for luring a minor in Arizona?

  • Lengthy prison sentences

  • Expensive fines

  • Lifetime probation

  • Mandatory registration as a sex offender

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Luring charges are very serious – even if no physical meeting with the minor ever occurs. Joshua Davidson is an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer and will defend against your accusations with the professionalism you deserve. He will conduct a thorough review of the underlying police investigation and aggressively challenge the prosecutor's case.

There are many potential defenses to luring and aggravated luring that may be available in your case.

For example, if the charges were filed based on a police investigation involving an undercover police officer, the case will need to be closely scrutinized for any police conduct that could constitute entrapment. Other cases can be successfully defended on the grounds that the accused believed he was communicating with a consenting adult who was "role playing" during the chat sessions. Because many luring charges stem from online communications, the ability of the prosecutor to prove the identity of the person transmitting the messages may also be successfully challenged. Finally, the prosecutor may be prevented from using the accused's confession against him in court if the police committed a "Miranda" violation when the statement was taken.

In order to navigate through the complications of this charge, you need the legal advice of an experienced and qualified attorney.

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