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  • Victim Restitution in Arizona
    Victim Restitution in Arizona

    Are you facing criminal charges in Arizona? If you are and there happened to be a victim in your crime; for example, someone who was injured because of your actions, it’s possible the state will order ...

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  • Penalties for Assault in Arizona
    Penalties for Assault in Arizona

    In Arizona, it is easy to be charged with assault. A simple altercation between two individuals can escalate into a criminal arrest if any physical injury is involved. You could even be charged with ...

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  • Arizona's Domestic Violence Laws
    Arizona's Domestic Violence Laws

    Have you been accused of domestic violence ? In Arizona, domestic violence refers to stalking, threats of violence or actual physical violence towards one’s spouse, child, family member, member of the ...

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  • Woman Stabbed at AA Meeting in Mesa
    Woman Stabbed at AA Meeting in Mesa

    On Saturday evening (Oct. 3, 2015), a young woman was stabbed at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Mesa. According to Mesa police, the victim was a woman in her 20s. The woman is in critical ...

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