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Do I Qualify for Drug Court in Arizona?

There are mountains of evidence indicating that a large percentage of crime can be traced back to illegal drugs. Substance abuse is closely linked to crime for two main reasons: 1) people commit crimes, such as prostitution, robbery, and theft to get the money for drugs, and 2) people commit sexually-motivated and violent crimes, such as assault, rape, and domestic violence while under the influence of drugs.

Like other states, the State of Arizona understands that a huge percentage of crimes is because of substance abuse and addiction. In an effort to attack the problem at the source, Arizona has created Drug Courts, which are meant to help offenders get the help they need to address their substance abuse issues and in effect, reduce recidivism.

What is Drug Court?

Drug Court is not a mandatory program. Instead, offenders can enroll in Drug Court on a voluntary basis. However, this program is not for everyone; it’s for offenders who have been charged with or convicted of drug-related crimes. With Drug Court, the criminal defense attorney, the prosecutor, the judge, probation officer, and the treatment provider work together to tailor a treatment and counseling program for the offender.

What are the requirements to participate?

  • The defendant has demonstrated that he or she has a drug addiction,
  • The offense cannot be violent in nature,
  • The offense cannot be sexually-motivated,
  • The offender cannot have a prior sex crime on their record,
  • The offender cannot have a prior violent crime on their record,
  • The offender must not use drugs while on the program,
  • The offender must abstain from alcohol during the program, and
  • The offender must obey any conditions set forth by the judge.

“What is the benefit of completing Drug Court?” For starters, offenders get the substance abuse treatment they need. Second, when offenders successfully complete the program, often felony convictions can be reduced to a misdemeanor. To learn more about Maricopa County’s Drug Court, contact the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, PLC to schedule a free consultation with a Phoenix Drug Lawyer.

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