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FAQs About Warrants in Arizona

In Arizona, warrants fall into two categories: bench warrants and arrest warrants. A bench warrant is issued when a defendant fails to appear in court. As a result of the defendant’s “failure to appear,” a judicial officer issues a bench warrant, which authorizes law enforcement to arrest the defendant listed on the warrant.

Arrest warrants do not result from a failure to appear. Instead, these types of arrest warrants have to do with criminal investigations. An arrest warrant is issued to law enforcement when there is a reason to believe or probable cause that a suspect has broken the law, or otherwise committed a crime.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about warrants in Arizona:

How long do arrest warrants last?
Arrest warrants are indefinite. They usually last until the suspect is arrested and taken into custody. If you believe there is a warrant for your arrest, it can only be resolved after the issuing court “quashes or cancels” it.

What if there is a warrant for me in another state?
If you believe there is a warrant for you in another state, you’ll have to contact the state and court that issued the warrant for your arrest. If you have a warrant in another state and live in Arizona now, it doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. You can be arrested in Arizona for an out-of-state warrant and extradited to the state that issued the warrant.

What if I have an outstanding warrant in Maricopa County?
The Judicial Branch of Arizona recommends that whenever someone finds out they have a warrant in Maricopa County, that they seek legal representation immediately. A criminal defense attorney can confirm the facts of your warrant and may seek to file a motion to resolve or quash the warrant.

If I pay the bond amount, will it clear the warrant?
Unfortunately, paying your bond amount will not clear your warrant. You have to appear before the judge who issued the warrant to have it cleared. Warrants cannot be cleared by simply paying the bond amount.

If you believe there is a bench warrant or an arrest warrant issued in your name in Phoenix or anywhere in Maricopa County, contact the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, PLC for immediate assistance.

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