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What if I Fail to Appear For My Court Date in Arizona?

When people end up being involved with the criminal court system, they will have a series of hearings and court dates; this is a normal part of criminal procedure. When a defendant is given a court date, they are expected to show up and if they don’t, there can be serious ramifications for the defendant.

Of course, people’s schedules can be tricky. They can be called into work, they can get seriously ill, they can get in a car accident, or their baby can be born. Things happen, but a no show in court is something that should be avoided at all costs.

Ramifications of Failing to Appear

At the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, PLC, we always take the time to coach our clients about the consequences of failing to appear in court. When a client casually asks us, “But what would happen if I don’t show in court for some reason?” We advise them that the failure to appear for a scheduled court date will result in a warrant for the person’s arrest.

If you have a scheduled court date in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona and you don’t show, a warrant will be issued. You can be arrested and required to post bond, and from there, another court date would be scheduled.

What if I Can’t Go to Court?

Let’s say you cannot go to court because your daughter is getting married on that day, or you find out that you have to have a life-saving operation and you’ll be in the hospital recovering, or something serious to that effect. In that case, our advice is to have your defense attorney request a continuance before the court date.

As a defendant, the person charged with a crime, you are expected to appear unless a judicial officer issues a continuance on your behalf. If you could not appear in court for a very good reason, contact your lawyer as soon as possible and have him or her ask the judge to quash (cancel) the warrant for your arrest and have the court reschedule the court date. The judge is the one who will decide whether bond is required or not.

If you need assistance with a court hearing or another criminal matter, contact our Phoenix criminal defense firm for a free consultation.