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Drug Possession Charges in Phoenix

Possessing illegal drugs or prescription drugs without a valid prescription is highly frowned upon in the United States and Arizona is no exception. This is because a mountain of research has determined that substance abuse leads to addiction, violence, theft-related crimes, accidental deaths, domestic violence, and other criminal activities.

So, to curb the ill effects of drug-related homicides and crime, state and federal laws were enacted to criminalize all types of drug-related behaviors, such as possession, sales and manufacturing. In Arizona, drug offenses are covered under Section 13-3407 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. Under Sec. 13-3407, it’s against the law to knowingly:

  • Possess a dangerous drug.
  • Use a dangerous drug.
  • Possess a dangerous drug for the purpose of selling it.
  • Possess the equipment or chemicals necessary to manufacture a dangerous drug.
  • Manufacture an illegal drug.
  • Administer a dangerous drug to someone else; for example, put a dangerous drug in someone’s drink, put it in someone’s food, force it into their mouth, inject it into their body, or help them smoke it.
  • Transport drugs for the purpose of selling them.
  • Import dangerous drugs into Arizona for the purpose of transferring or selling them.

Possession of a dangerous drug in Arizona is a Class 4 felony offense, unless it involves phencyclidine, LSD, methamphetamine, amphetamine, or the defendant was previously convicted of a drug-related felony. Generally, the punishment for a Class 4 felony is 1 to 3.75 years (probation eligible) behind bars, and a fine not to exceed $150,000.

In Arizona, if someone is convicted of personal possession, he or she must be placed on probation unless they are convicted of a violent offense under ARS 13-901.03. Additionally, if a defendant is placed on probation for a drug-related offense, he or she is required to participate in a drug education or treatment program.

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