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Juvenile Driver License Suspensions in Arizona

In Arizona, your driver license can be suspended or revoked under specific circumstances. When a driver license is “revoked,” it means the person’s driving privilege has been terminated. Under Arizona law, when people are convicted of certain driving offenses, their driver license must be revoked. Once a revocation period ends, the person’s driving record is investigated and if everything looks good, they can obtain a new license.

In contrast, when a driver license is suspended, it means a driving privilege has been removed temporarily.Once a license suspension ends, it remains in effect until the driver’s application for reinstatement is approved.

Adults aren’t the only ones who face a driver license suspension. Young drivers, under the age of eighteen can have their driver licenses suspended if they are convicted of any of the following offenses:

Of the above offenses, the license suspension varies, but generally a juvenile’s license can be suspended: 1) until their eighteenth birthday, 2) for two years, or 3) for three years. For example, if a minor is convicted of DUI or Extreme DUI, their driver license will be suspended for two years, but if they are convicted of Aggravated DUI, their license will be suspended for three years.

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