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License Suspensions & Revocations in Arizona

Most people take their driving privileges very seriously. After all, when your driver’s license is suspended or revoked, it can affect your livelihood, which is no laughing matter. We can all agree that it’s difficult to get to and from work without a valid driver’s license. So, aside from having too many speeding tickets, what are some of the reasons why someone’s license can be suspended or revoked in Arizona?

1. Driving Under the Influence: A conviction for DUI leads to a 90 to 360-day license suspension, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. A second DUI is punishable by a 1-year license suspension.

2. Drug Convictions: Certain drug-related convictions will lead to a driver’s license suspension. According to ArizonaDOT, “For alcohol and drug-related revocations, you will be required to obtain proof of Future Financial Responsibility, known as SR-22.

3. Failure or Refusal to Complete a Drug or Alcohol Test: If your license is suspended because you refused or failed to complete a drug or alcohol test, under Arizona’s Implied-Consent suspension, you will be required to show proof of future financial responsibility (SR-22).

4. Violating an Arizona Insurance Law: According to ArizonaDOT, if you fail to maintain the proper auto insurance, known as mandatory insurance, your driver’s license can be suspended. To reinstate your driving privilege, you must show proof of future financial responsibly – an SR-22 certificate.

5. Past-Due Child Support: The Arizona Department of Economic Security states: “The DCSS may review a case for license suspension when six months or more of child support is owed.” In other words, if a non-custodial parent owes more than six months in child support arrears, their driver’s license can be suspended.

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