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Firearms: Prohibited Possessors in Arizona

Like Texas, Arizona is well-known for being proud of its firearm laws and practices. Under ARS 13-3107, it’s against the law to discharge a firearm within city limits unless special exceptions apply, including:

  • With a permit and for the purpose of controlling wildlife.
  • When it’s more than one mile away from an occupied structure.
  • When it’s an animal control officer discharging his or her duties.
  • When the shooter is defending themselves against an animal attack.
  • When the shooter is defending themselves or others against some type of criminal attack; for example, the “active shooter” scenario.
  • When firing blank cartridges – the person may be charged with disturbing the peace.
  • When firing in an area that has been recommended by the Arizona Department of Game and Fish.
  • When done through a special permit issued by the Chief of Police or a municipality.

Where Are Firearms Prohibited?

As a general rule, citizens (who are not members of law enforcement) are prohibited from carrying firearms (open or concealed) at the following locations: alcohol establishments, polling places on election day, school grounds, nuclear and hydroelectric generating stations, Indian reservations, game preserves, national parks, jails and prisons, federal buildings, and airports.

What about prohibited possessors, who are they? Under ARS 13-3102, prohibited possessors include:

  • Individuals who have been found to be a danger to themselves or others.
  • Individuals who have been convicted of a felony and whose civil right to possess a firearm has not been restored by a court.
  • Individuals who are currently serving a prison term in a detention or correctional facility.
  • Individuals on probation, parole, or community supervision, and individuals on probation for a felony domestic violence offense, or for a felony.
  • Undocumented aliens and non-immigrant aliens, including citizens of Canada and Mexico.

If someone is a prohibited possessor and they illegally possess a firearm, they commit a Class 4 felony under ARS 13-3102. To learn about felony sentencing in Arizona, click here. To fight your weapons charges, contact our firm for a free consultation with a Phoenix criminal defense attorney.