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Advantages of a Plea Bargain

If you are facing criminal charges in Phoenix for an offense that you simply did not do, then plea bargaining doesn’t exactly apply in your circumstances. If you are innocent, obviously you want to fight your charges.

On the other hand, if the odds are not in your favor and the prosecution has a significant amount of evidence against you, or if you are facing multiple criminal charges – then you may want to consider entering into a plea bargain.

Why do people enter plea bargains? Generally speaking, criminal defendants accept plea bargains because they are pleading guilty to a lesser offense and as a result of entering a plea deal, they receive lighter penalties (less time behind bars, if any, and lighter fines).

There are many reasons why defendants accept plea bargains, but here are some examples of the major advantages of accepting a plea bargain:

  • Trials are risky and with a plea bargain, the defendant KNOWS the outcome,
  • Less time behind bars (sometimes much less),
  • Less fines (sometimes thousands less),
  • Stress relief because a resolution to the case has been reached,
  • The defendant can get the case over with much faster,
  • Plea bargains are less stressful than trials,
  • The defendant is convicted of a “less stigmatized” offense,
  • The defendant may avoid sex offender registration, and
  • If the defendant is moved from jail to prison, he or she may gain access to privileges that they would not have if they had to linger in jail while awaiting trial.

Another key advantage to accepting a plea bargain that defendants may overlook is saving a significant amount of money in legal fees. If the defendant does not qualify for a public defender, they would save a lot of money by accepting a plea bargain.

Jury trials are lengthy and require significantly more hours from a private defense lawyer. Sometimes they even require expert testimony, which gets expensive. So, when a criminal defendant is offered a plea bargain and he or she accepts, they immediately save the hefty expense of a trial.

While a defendant may be offered a plea bargain, it does not mean that he or she has to accept it. If the defendant is offered a plea bargain but he or she would prefer to take their case to trial, then by all means that is their constitutional right. Sometimes, the defendant is better off fighting their charges – it all depends on the circumstances.

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