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Phoenix Woman Shoots and Kills Husband

PHOENIX – A Phoenix woman is facing a second degree murder charge after she allegedly shot her husband to death on Jan. 5.

In a domestic violence case, A. Lynne Miller, 30, was arrested on suspicion of second degree murder on Tuesday evening after an argument with her husband turned deadly.

The emergency crews arrived at the home near 76th Avenue and Indian School Road after receiving an “unknown medical” call, CBS 5 reported.

When firefighters arrived at the couple’s home, they found the front door open and lingering smoke from a fire that had been distinguished inside.

When the responders entered the home, they could hear Miller saying “My husband, my husband” from another section of the home.

When officials encountered Miller, they asked her what happened. She told the police that she shot him, according to the police report. Later, she told the police that she “just kept shooting.”

Miller’s husband, who was pronounced dead at the scene, had three gunshot wounds to the back.

The handgun that authorities believe was used in the shooting was on the bed near Miller and a second gun was also found on the bed, according to reports.

Investigators told CBS 5 that there is a history of domestic violence between the couple, but it is unclear as to whether Miller or her husband was the attacker in previous incidents. It’s also unknown if she will be claiming “self-defense.”

According to the police, when Miller’s husband returned home from work, the couple argued about their financial problems and the lack of food at their home.

During the couple’s verbal altercation, the police said that Miller threw a plate of potatoes that she had made, which broke the plate.

Miller said that while the verbal argument continued she was in their bedroom, which is when she said, her husband started a fire in the kitchen.

She said that when she smelled the smoke, she armed herself with her 9mm handgun and walked into the hallway. According to the report, her husband was unarmed.

She told the police that she began shooting her husband, claiming she did it so she could get out of the house. She said that she did not know how many times she shot him.

After shooting her husband, Miller put out the kitchen fire by filling a pot with water and dumping it on top of the fire, CBS 5 reported.

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