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Maricopa County's Drug Court

Were you recently arrested in Phoenix on drug charges? If so, you will be interested in learning about Maricopa County’s Adult Drug Court, which has been operating since 1992. Under this program, drug offenders receive outpatient counseling and drug monitoring through the Drug Court team.

The Drug Court team consists of the judge, the defendant’s probation officer, the public defender, a counselor, and a county attorney. The participants of the program are required to:

  • Submit to random drug testing,
  • Attend support group meetings, and
  • Participate in Healthcare Literacy classes, which encourage offenders to utilize treatment services, including medically-assisted treatment options.

When a participant is accepted to the program, he or she must enter into what is called a “behavioral contract” with the court. This contract establishes the offender’s responsibilities and their goals for the time that they are on the program.

If an offender complies with the program and does all that he or she is asked to do, they shall receive incentives, which are meant to help shape lasting behavior. If the offender fails to follow the program, they will be subjected to sanctions.

For instance, incentives may include gift cards, positive praise, a promotion to a higher level in the program, less reporting, and even an early termination of the individual’s probation.

On the other hand, sanction (penalties) may include increased reporting, additional community service hours, a short period of incarceration, and observation of Probation Violation court.

Am I eligible for Adult Drug Court?

Individuals are NOT eligible if they: 1) were convicted of a marijuana offense only, 2) committed a sales offense, unless they pled down from a sales offense, 3) had a stand-alone first-strike Prop 200 case, or 4) are seriously mentally ill or a sex offender.

Offenders are eligible if:

  • It was a felony offense with at least a two year probation grant
  • The offender was determined to be medium or high risk and they have a history of moderate to severe substance abuse
  • The individual lives in the Drug Court Supervision area

Aside from receiving support and counseling, perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the Maricopa County Adult Drug Court is that drug court probationers have the opportunity of earning early termination and where applicable, misdemeanor designation, in as little as 12 months.

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