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Maricopa County's TASC Adult Deferred Prosecution Program

Are you facing drug-related charges? As you probably know, many of Arizona’s drug offenses are prosecuted as felonies. While states such as Colorado have decriminalized possessing small amounts of marijuana for personal use, and others charge minor marijuana offenses as misdemeanors, that is not the case in Arizona.

To illustrate, if you are caught with less than two pounds of marijuana in Arizona, you will be charged with a felony, punishable by up to 2 years in prison and a fine not to exceed $150,000.

The good news is that if you are facing drug charges, you may qualify for the TASC Adult Diversion Program. Since 1989, the Maricopa County Attorney/TASC Adult Deferred Prosecution Program, known as TASC Diversion has been an excellent alternative to prosecution.

Since it was established in 1989, the program has successfully treated over 34,000 individuals, thereby saving the county valuable resources and allowing program participants to avoid a felony conviction.

Do you qualify for the TASC Diversion program?

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO) offers the TASC Diversion Program to defendants who meet the following requirements:

  • They are facing felony drug possession charges
  • They DO NOT contest their guilt
  • The individual is likely to benefit from the community treatment program

The TASC’s Deferred Prosecution Program is tailored to meet each participant’s needs. Defendants who voluntarily participate and successfully complete the program enjoy distinct advantages from the program: their case will either be dropped, no charges will be filed, or the charges will be dismissed with prejudice.

TASC’s diversion programs include the possession of marijuana program, the possession of narcotic or dangerous drugs program, and the misdemeanor adult diversion program. According to Arizona State University, program participants who complete the TASC Adult Diversion Program have a significantly lower rate of recidivism than those who do not enroll in the program.

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