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Maricopa County's Drug Court Program

If you live in Phoenix and are facing certain drug charges, you will soon be learning about Maricopa County Adult Probation’s Drug Court Program. This is a post-sentencing court that utilizes a variety of methods to address common problems associated with substance abuse and addiction.

The Drug Court emphasizes the importance of being accountable, and it uses a system of rewards and sanctions to help clients move through drug treatment and education. The purpose of the Drug Court program is to give probationers the tools necessary to enjoy a drug-free lifestyle.

The Drug Court uses a “team approach,” and therefore enlists the support of the judge, prosecutor, defense council, probation officer, and treatment counselor to work towards the common goal: rehabilitation.

Drug Court includes:

  • Drug education
  • Participation in a support group
  • Counseling
  • Frequent contact with the court
  • Urinalysis testing

Under this program, participants enter into a behavioral contract with the court, and compliance or lack thereof shall result in consequences or rewards to facilitate a successful outcome.

The contract shall outline the counseling schedule, urinalysis testing, fees, meetings with a probation officer, and special conditions imposed by the court. Rewards include a reduction in court appearances, monetary obligations, and length of probation grant.

On the other hand, if a participant fails to hold up their end of the bargain, they face community restitution hours, “all day court,” and incarceration.

Program participants are responsible for paying all costs of the program, however, in return their fines will be deferred and Adult Probation will pay for the urinalysis testing.

A Drug Court probationer may be able to earn early termination and misdemeanor designation, where applicable in only a year if they meet all of their obligations.

Characteristics of a typical probationer:

  • Guilty of a drug use or possession offense (not a sale offense),
  • Is eligible for standard probation,
  • Has a need for drug monitoring,
  • Does not have a violent criminal history,
  • Is not on methadone maintenance,
  • Needs drug education classes, or needs
  • Substance abuse outpatient counseling.

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