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Traffic Stop Leads to Arizona's First Blue Alert

Traffic Stop Leads to Shootout

A routine traffic stop in Phoenix ended in a manhunt after one police officer was shot in the head involving numerous officers and individuals. The officer stopped a car for having dark tinted windows around 3 a.m. He obtained identification for all the passengers in the vehicle, except for one of the passengers who claimed not to have any identification. After the officer ran their identification, he approached the vehicle. That is when one of the passengers opened fire.

As the officer was shot, the car began to leave. Backup law enforcement at the scene exchanged fire with the vehicle as it was driving away.

Following the incident, Arizona implemented its first Blue Alert. A Blue Alert is an alert posted on signs that seek to use the public's help in finding the location of a vehicle if:

  • An officer faced a life-threatening injury or death
  • The suspect has fled and has not been found
  • The suspect may cause danger to the public
  • The suspect or vehicle can be described by law enforcement

The car was found in the backyard of an abandoned home and police have not been able to find any of the people wanted in connection with the shooting. They are looking for three men and two woman presumed to have been involved.

Arizona police say a statewide and nationwide manhunt will occur until all of the suspects are in custody.