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Two Arrested in Phoenix on Methamphetamine Charges

Last week, two men were arrested by narcotic detectives from Maricopa County on charges related to an alleged meth buy. The detectives were responding to a tip and had set up an undercover investigation. In the arrest of the suspects, detectives seized six pounds of methamphetamine, which is valued at no less than $75,000. The two arrested men have been charged with possession of dangerous drugs for sale.

This charge is a Class 2 felony charge, which often means five to 15 years in prison. In fact, current law has made it that if someone is convicted of possessing a dangerous drug for sale, then they will face the mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison, even if someone is only found to have trace amounts of methamphetamine. These penalties would be the same for charges of possession with intent to deliver other narcotics or dangerous drugs, such as LSD, anabolic steroids, PCP, and ecstasy. On top of these severe penalties, there could be heavy fines as well, and having a serious criminal record would certainly accompany any other penalties. No matter how long a prison sentence is, a criminal record lasts longer, following someone their whole life.

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