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Two Arizona Men Accused of $15 Million Scam

Wednesday, November 13, a federal judge unsealed a grand jury indictment: two Arizona men have been charged with ten counts of conspiracy to defraud NHL players, Long Island police officers, and others. One of the suspects called himself a "lifestyle coach", and the other has had a previous cocaine trafficking conviction. Both posed as financial investors, according to the accusations. The charges involve $15 million that have been skimmed from victims, but officials think the alleged fraud could actually have involved up to $80 million. The two men were arrested outside of Scottsdale, Arizona, and they could be imprisoned for as much as 17 years and 15 years, respectively. They are being held without bail.

The two are said to have been entrusted with funds from the victims, while claiming to invest them in real estate, private companies, a fund for legal defense, and more. According to federal and state officials, these were phony investments, with all the money getting funneled to the two suspects. Their charges include accusations of wire fraud, wire fraud conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy, forged signatures, and more. There have further been allegations of blackmail and death threats. All of this is said to be largely in connection with the men's desire to take over one of North America's most highly praised golf course.

This alleged offense is said to have played out on a grand scale, as the accused theft of millions affected people all around the country and even in Mexico. But it does not take a fraud of such magnitude to land a life-altering sentence. For example, any accusations of fraud can quickly become federal charges, immediately escalating the penalties you could face. Forgery, just one offense that falls under fraud, is a class 4 felony on its own, and it could mean 3.75 years' imprisonment. And this serious charge could come even when an offense does not include a check or any money at all. All it would take is being accused of endorsing or trying to use a fake check. If someone is convicted, this black mark could stay on their record for life, outlasting any other sentence that is handed down. The costs of a fraud conviction are huge.

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