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Tighter DUI Law Restrictions Nationwide?

With 10,000 victims dying every year because of drunk driving accidents, the National Transportation and Safety Board has proposed that there be a nationwide law adapted to lower the blood alcohol content (BAC) limit to 0.05 across the board. At this point in time all drunk driving BAC laws are regulated individually as a state, and is not something that is a federal mandate. While the majority of the states have a cut off of 0.08, there are some states with different rules. The NTSB is recommending that in order to take a stance of drunk driving accidents that occur on a daily basis, the states need to take drastic measures.

They propose that by lowering the BAC limit significantly it will lead to less people getting behind the wheel for fear of being arrested more easily that with the old cut off limitation. They are doing whatever they can to present the dangers of drunk driving accidents stating that it accounts for about one third of all fatalities that occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Their eventual goal is to entirely eliminate DUI accidents from ever happening.

NTSB representatives share that in the last 30 years, there have been 440,000 deaths because of those who chose to get behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and with the rate accidents are occurring today, they fear to imagine what these numbers will reflect three decades from now. According to their studies, they believe that by cutting the BAC limit, they will be able to save the lives of at least 500 to 800 victims per year.

However, this organization does not have any official authority to make changes in legislation as they are more advocated for transportation accidents and safety. They are an independent agency that gathers information and conducts research on weight topics and proposes them to those who have an influence among legislators and state agencies as well as Congress. Their goal is to provide enough evidence to the legislators about their concerns who will then move forward with the legislation and fight for changes to be made.

Within the changes proposed by the NTSB they are also encouraging legislators to make the process of license confiscation more effective. Safety groups have played a large role in the world of DUI laws in America. When looking at the BAC limit of the 1980's, people were not arrested until here levels were .15 or higher. After a lot of pressure from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving group, did lower the average limit to 0.08 BAC in 2004. Whether or not laws will be changed yet against is hard to say, though whatever the case may be, if you have been arrested for a DUI you still deserve the opportunity to fight for your future. Contact the Law Offices of Joshua A. Davison, PLC today for the experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer you deserve on your side!