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Can I Refuse to Answer Police Questionings?

As a human, you are given certain rights, and that includes the ability to remain silent if you so choose. In almost every situation, you are given the opportunity to not have to speak up, however, it is important to realize that once you do say something, the police can (and will) use it against you in the court of law. Having an attorney watching over your legal needs in this situation is important, and if you have been arrested for a crime, contacts your trusted Phoenix criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Joshua A. Davidson, today!

First off, if a police officer corners you as you are walking down the street, your Fifth Amendment right to not speak is absolutely valid. It is important to understand if they are just asking you a question or they are seeking to have you detained. If they are detaining you, they must read your the Miranda Rights before the questioning. If they say that they're not detaining or arresting you, it is your right to keep walking. Remember though, by choosing to walk away, the officers on location may increase in their suspicion and decide to detain you after all. Either way, be prepared to contact your attorney immediately.

In the event a police officer contacts you and asks you to come in to the station for questioning, this will be a voluntary act on your part therefore waiving their need to read you Miranda Rights. If you choose to not answer questions or ignore their requests to come in, they may choose to detain you after all. Lastly, if you are arrested for a criminal act that arresting officer is required by law to read you the Miranda acts to let you know that you have the right to not only remain silent, but that you also have the right to contact an attorney.

Once arrested, hiring a criminal defense attorney is all the more important in order to protect your rights. You have the right to contact your lawyer before speaking so that they can help you filter what is good to disclose and what the officers may use against you in their case. At the Law Offices of Joshua A. Davidson, we will do whatever it takes in order to not only protect your rights but also to fight for your future. We are a dedicated team of legal professionals who are relentless in our efforts to represent you before the court. Contact us immediately and we will access together what the best course of action is for your unique situation.

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