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Craigslist Murderer Convicted of Aggravated Murder

Richard Beasley, 53, was arrested after for a deadly Craigslist plot that lead to the death of two men and the attempted murder of another. He has been convicted of 27 counts of aggravated murder as of this Tuesday. He was also convicted of aggravated robbery, kidnapping and possession of illegal weapons. According to reports, Beasley was a street preacher who sought out men who were down on their luck in life, particularly with little family ties, and lured them in by using the tactic on Craigslist of offering them a job. He allegedly lured them in to a farm far from the busy city of Columbus, Ohio.

Ralph Geiger, 56, and Timothy Kern, 47, and David Pauley, 51, were killed by Beasley at the farm, however there was one survivor. Another man from South Carolina was shot by the accused, however, he recalls running for his life despite the fear of bleeding to death while on the run. He made it and is now on his way to recovery.

According to the prosecution, Beasley was the instigator of the plot that unfolded in 2011 along with the help of a 16 year old student whom he mentored. Brogan Rafferty was a juvenile at the time of the crimes committed, though he was tried as an adult; though he received a life sentencing, the court did not give him the death penalty. Beasley too, could very likely be facing the death penalty for his actions. When interviewed, Rafferty said that he felt horrible about the crimes committed and that he saw no way to prevent the murders from happening; he too feared for his own life and that of his family if he tried to stop Beasley from his plot.

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