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Phoenix Man Pleads Not Guilty for Hit and Run Fatality of Policeman

A 24 year old man has been accused of a fatal hit and run accident which claimed the life of a 29 year old Phoenix Police Officer, Dartl Raetz as he was conducting a DUI checkpoint in the West side of town. According to the reports of the incident, the driver struck him while he was at the scene conducting the tests and then proceeded to drive away after doing so. The six year veteran officer was immediately transported for treatment at the local hospital though he died there.

Police investigators at the scene claim that there were parts of the vehicle left at the scene due to the impact of the collision and they were able to match those pieces with the car of the suspect driving the SUV. Police reports also show that the man admitted to both drinking alcohol and taking cocaine just a few hours before getting behind the wheel, of his car. At the preliminary hearing when questioned the driver pleaded not guilty for the crime, and will appear next before the court in mid-July.

This man is likely facing a multitude of charges including driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, hit and run accident, vehicular manslaughter, and perhaps others. In the event he is convicted for the crimes, the consequences he will face with the law may be severe, particularly because he fled the scene of an accident after hitting an officer of the law. In the event that you or a loved one are facing criminal charges here in Phoenix, be certain to contact a trusted Phoenix criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson today. We will discuss the unique details of your case and determine what the best course of action will be for you. Call us now to schedule an appointment!