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Consequences of Driving Under the Influence

Throughout their lives, about 33% of Americans are involved in accidents relating to alcohol. These accidents can lead to serious injury or even fatality. Alcohol-related accidents do not just put the life of the intoxicated driver at risk; they also put the lives of innocent people in danger as well. In order to prevent such accidents from occurring, it is important for people to be educated about the risks they are taking when choosing to drink and then get behind the wheel. There are numerous organizations working to further educate people about drinking and driving and the consequences they can potentially face in choosing to do so. Such organizations are also pushing towards stricter laws in order to deter people away from even wanting to get behind the wheel after the consumption of alcohol.

If you are a driver, it is more than likely that you have encountered a sobriety checkpoint throughout your life. These checkpoints are a way that alcohol-related accidents can be prevented. These checkpoints allow police officers to see people who may be swerving while driving. They also are a way for police officers to be able to come into contact with drivers and see if they are responding in a manner that seems out of the norm. Although checkpoints are random occurrences, you are more likely to see them taking place on holidays such as New Year's Eve and St. Patrick's Day. Such holidays often involve a heavier intake of alcohol than an individual would normally consume.

Besides the use of more checkpoints, technology is constantly advancing. This allows law enforcement to more easily identify an individual under the influence. With even more technological advancements underway, the chances a person has of receiving a DUI and going to jail after an alcohol-related incident is growing increasingly higher. Such advancements include the use of the ignition lock, which requires the driver to blow into a breathalyzer-type machine in order for the car to start. Growing in popularity, ignition locks have been installed into people's vehicles who have received more than one DUI. If the ignition lock detects alcohol in the driver's breath, the vehicle will not start.

It is crucial to be aware of the danger you are putting yourself and others in when choosing to drink and drive. Not only are you deciding to chance receiving a DUI and a trip to jail, you are also putting your life and other's lives at risk. By law enforcement cracking down and continuous advancements in technology, the likelihood of receiving a DUI or getting into an accident is increasing. Alcohol-related accidents still do happen though, and if you have been involved in such an accident, contact one of our Phoenix criminal defense attorneys and learn how you can defend yourself.