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Phoenix Trio Accused of Mailbox Theft and Forgery

Two men and a woman in Phoenix are being accused of theft and forgery since they were caught in an apartment with stolen mail, forged signatures, fake IDs, counterfeit checks, and printers. They were discovered after a witness saw them stealing mail out of a neighbor's mailbox. The witness first tried to chase after them, and then called the police. Detective Adam Geremia of the Phoenix Police Department comments that the heist was quite advanced, suspecting that the group was burglarizing mailboxes, then bringing the documents back to be forged. Some of the forged checks were made out to the suspects for over $15,000.

According to news sources, the Phoenix neighborhood from which the mail was stolen was tightly knit, allowing for the swift capture of the suspects. One of the victims, Erica Cord, says that as soon as she drove up, a neighbor came to tell her that they saw someone taking mail out of her box. After being told about the trio's charges, she suggested that the group should put their talents to better uses.

On further review of Arizona government records, it was found that the suspects have a past history of crime in forgery and theft related incidents. One of the men, Jerry Sebrasky, was recently released from prison after serving for stealing IDs, forgery, and fraud. The other, Jeffery Pemberton, served time in prison as well, for illegal control enterprise. He was set free back in 2009. The suspects are currently being held by law enforcements officers on suspicion of mail theft, forgery, and aggravated identity theft.

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