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Man Mauled by Tiger Charged with Trespassing

New York native, David Villalobos, has pleaded not guilty to trespassing charges after he jumped into the tiger exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. On September 21, Villalobos jumped off a monorail train into the cage, clearing its 16-foot high fence. He was attacked by a Siberian tiger named Bashuta, who bit him on his arms, legs, back, and shoulder. In addition, he suffered a punctured lung and many broken bones. After being in the cage alone with the tiger for 10 minutes, Villalobos was rescued by zoo workers who drove away the animal with a fire extinguisher. Zoo officials say that Villalobos was fortunate to have escaped with his life, since he was with the animal for enough time to have sustained much worse injury.

In an ABC news report, 25-year-old Villalobos claims that his conscious decision to jump into the enclosure was not a suicide attempt, but a natural test of his fears and a spiritual goal to "be at one with the tiger". The Bronx Zoo maintains that the animal would not be euthanized since the man made an intentional decision to put himself in danger. Though the zoo promised to review its safety procedures, they believe that this was a highly unusual occurrence for which they are not responsible.

The zoo has charged David Villalobos with trespassing, to which he has pleaded not guilty. He has been released until another court appearance in March. If you or someone you know have been charged with trespassing, you need to contact an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson PLC. Trespassing can result in either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the charges. Trust your future to our capable lawyer, Joshua S. Davidson, who will tirelessly fight to dismiss or reduce the penalties of your case.