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Tuscon: Apartment Complex Causing Problems for Police

Local Police are requesting action against a Tucson apartment complex claiming the criminal activity has spun out of control and become a public nuisance. It is reported that daily police presence is usual at Retro City Apartments. From public disturbances to gang violence, the calls made to 911 from this site ranged over 400 just last year with 81 of those resulting in an arrest, according to City officials even have a separate binder to log in activity from just that one apartment complex. The building has become a breeding ground for crime and both officials and citizens are concerned it may need special attention from the city.

The landlord for Retro City, who lives in California himself, has been contacted with this concern about his property's involvement in criminal activity and been ordered to clean up the crime. In a statement to News 4, Tucson's local news channel, the landlord's attorney stated that there are being measures taken to increase communication and cooperation between his client and the city officials to make Retro City safer for its inhabitants and their neighbors alike. Tucson city officials have responded by stating that Retro City has one month to make sure the crime is reduced in the complex in order to avoid further action from the city.

While Tucson works with Retro City to reduce crime, violence is given very serious consequences by the state of Arizona if convicted. There are both state and city actions taken against those charged with violent crimes. If you have been accused of a violent crime, it is essential that you have adequate representation in court. At the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson PLC., we are committed to providing you the defense you deserve. Call our office to speak with an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney..