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Interstate Compact For Out of State Defendants

What if you are living outside of Arizona and just happened to be visiting Arizona at the time the offense was committed (or, for some other reason, are facing an Arizona felony probation grant)? In such a case, having your probation supervision transferred to your home state is a relatively quick and straightforward process. Although you technically be under the supervision of the Arizona probation department for a short time, that supervision will amount to little more than a "check-in" at which the transfer process will be started.

All the Arizona probation department needs to do is verify that the probationer lives in the home state, and complete the application paperwork. Moreover, Arizona needs to do this quickly – under the interstate compact rules the sending state has a time limitation of 7 days from sentencing or release from custody (whichever is later) within which they are required to transmit the paperwork to the probationer's home state. In addition, the sending state may issue an early 7-day travel permit that allows the probationer to return home immediately while the transfer paperwork is being approved and completed. (Note that the travel permit is discretionary – the law allows the probation department to issue the travel permit, but does not require that the probation department issue it).

In any event, after receiving the paperwork the receiving state (the probationer's home state) has only two days to issue reporting instructions to the probationer.

Of all the interstate compact transfers, this type is the quickest and smoothest.