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Bank Teller Accused of Scamming Elderly Customer

Recently in Mesa, Arizona, a bank teller at the Wells Fargo bank branch that is inside of a Fry’s Electronics was serving one of her regular customers when a criminal thought entered her head. Employee Grace Avila had been a teller at the bank for the past year and a half, and was having financial problems. Her 73-year-old customer was often forgetful, and she decided that she could scam the elderly individual out of a significant amount of money in order to help pad her own wallet.

Avila paid her customer a visit at her home, and told the elderly individual that she owed the bank $6,000. Once the old woman wrote the check to Avila, the woman took the money and cashed it, using the money for her own personal finances. The victim told the press later that she was hurt when she discovered that the bank teller that she had always been fond of was so dishonest.

The victim said that she didn’t really know Avila well, but was convinced that she needed to write the young women a check. The victim noted that the check was regarded as a loan, and she expected to get the money back. Police say that the elderly woman became concerned about the situation when she went to the bank next, but due to mental incompetency she could not remember exactly what had happened. She expressed that she was missing $6,000 to the bank representatives, who then contacted the police.

As a result of the investigation, authorities were able to locate Avila and she admitted that she singled the victim out and asked her money. She said that she knew it would cost her her job if anyone found out about the scandal, but she needed the money. Avila is now facing charges for stealing from a vulnerable adult. If you have scammed an elderly individual or are being accused of a crime like this that you did not commit, then contact a criminal defense attorney at our Mesa, Arizona criminal defense firm today for representation!