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8-Year-Old from Mesa Finds Death Threat in her Desk

An 8-year-old from Mesa, Arizona walked into class this week to find a note from a boy on her desk. Most would assume that the note was a puppy love letter expressing juvenile sentiment, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The letter was a death threat. The Mesa police and the school district are looking into the incident to try and determine whether or not it was a cruel prank. The girl’s parents are frustrated by the incident and say that they fear for their daughter’s child. Some teachers believe that the letter may have been written out of spite or an attempt to bully the young girl. Others believe that it may have been an actual death threat.

When interviewed by CBS’ news, the victim’s mother explained “no one wants their child to hear that.” The mother also admitted that that her daughter has been upset since the letter and is very uncomfortable attending school. The letter read as follows: “To Emma. I will kill you. From Adam.” The elementary student found the note after school Tuesday during a parent-teacher conference at the Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona. She admits that she was “sort of scared.” Emma’s mom allowed the child to stay home from school the next day, because the girl was visibly shaken from the threat.

When the little boy who was suspected to write the note was called out, he said that he never wrote the threat and had never even seen the note before. At present, Emma’s mom thinks that other parents need to know what is going on. She argues that the school will send out letters when there is an outbreak of lice, but refused to inform the men and women of the threatening letters. If you have been arrested or charged with writing a threatening letter, we understand that you may be innocent. People often frame others when carrying out a crime. Contact a criminal defense attorney today for more information about threat crimes and how we can defend you in court!