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Property Crimes in Phoenix at a Steady Increase

Residents in the city of Phoenix area are addressing the many changes of their community over the past two decades, and they realize that these changes are not good at all. According to a long time resident of the area, he said that in his past 15 years of living here, he has noticed his home changing for the worse, particularly in the area of property crimes.

Chris Poorten states that his neighbor’s home has been broken into, with buglers making out with numerous household items. Sadly, this is not the only incident that has occurred in his little area, another neighbor had his tires shot out as well as shooting numerous bullets at his car as well. Another individual on his street also had all of their flower pots stolen from the front yard. What angers the community is the fact that someone is taking what is not theirs, not necessarily the value of the items overall. Poorten thinks it is possibly juveniles in the area who are just getting out of hand, but believes that either way they are taking what does not belong to them.

According to police reports in this man’s zip code, 85050, there have been 34 property crimes in the month of October alone, numbers that make the community very disappointed. In the event that you are arrested for one of these criminal acts, or for any other illegal actions in the area, contact a trusted Phoenix criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, PLC today! With a former prosecutor on our team, we can offer each of our clients a unique approach as we defend your rights after being accused of criminal charges! If you have been arrested, do not hesitate in contacting us today to discuss fighting for your freedom, we want to fight aggressively on your behalf!