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Extreme DUI in Arizona

Many people who have been arrested for an extreme DUI don't know what they're facing and they have significant concerns as to what their future will hold. A first time extreme DUI involving a range of .15 to .20 blood alcohol concentration carries with it a range of penalties including at 30 day jail term. Under recently enacted changes to Arizona's DUI laws, most courts will allow 24 of these 30 days to be served outside of the jail under "home detention". There are also financial penalties which usually total $6,154 depending on how much jail time is ordered and how much the court orders the defendant to pay for his or her jail time. Unfortunately, there are some courts out there that don't allow for home detention.

In addition to court imposed penalties, MVD will also take action against your drivers license when your charged with an extreme DUI. A typical extreme DUI license suspension assuming you have a relatively clean record and you don't have any DUI priors requires a suspension of 90 days - 30 days during which no driving is permitted and 60 days of to and from work. After the entire 90 days are served, the Motor Vehicle Department will reissue your license upon payment of a reinstatement fee and completion of an alcohol screening. Unfortunately, many people neglect to take these affirmative steps after completing their suspension and, unbeknownst to them, continue to have a suspended license. This can be problematic, especially if you get pulled over for another DUI.

Also, the court will order screening and classes. Some judges require completion of a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) victim impact panel. This program is in addition to the mandatory alcohol classes that will be ordered after your screening is completed. The amount of hours that one has to do tends to vary, and with an extreme DUI the hours can be more than that typically required for a regular DUI. If the screening agency believes that the defendant suffers from a significant alcohol problem, they might order more classes.

Phoenix criminal defense attorney Joshua Davidson is a former prosecutor who can help you understand exactly what happens with the classes and some things to watch out for. While the temptation is to panic and to be very concerned, the good news is that a knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorney can help you resolve your case. Contact the firm for more information today.