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Scottsdale May Permit Home Detention for DUI Cases

Drivers accused of DUI in Scottsdale currently are unable to serve home detention in lieu of jail time as is an option in many other jurisdictions located in Maricopa County including Phoenix and Chandler.

That may change when the Scottsdale City Council convenes on April 27 and considers a home detention program which may take affect this summer. Cities in Arizona that already allow individuals convicted of DUI to serve home detention typically require that a portion of the actual jail sentence be served at the jail but allow the individuals to serve the balance of the jail time at home while being monitored with an ankle bracelet. Because Arizona has such strict penalties for individuals convicted of DUI, the ability to participate in a home detention program could have a tremendous impact on one's ability to remain employed, stay in their home and avoid serious disruption to their family and personal affairs.

If the program is adopted it would be a welcome change to the Scottsdale Municipal Court. Defending DUI charges in Scottsdale is becoming an increasingly difficult task given the recent changes implemented by the Scottsdale City Prosecutor. With limited exceptions, the Scottsdale City Prosecutor will require individuals charged with DUI to plead guilty to the specific DUI offense (such as extreme DUI) with which they are charged as part of any plea agreement. In other words the prosecutor will often be unwilling to reduce the jail time one might be facing if convicted at trial even if the individual is willing to enter into a plea agreement and give up their right to trial.

Regardless of whether home detention becomes an option for drivers charged with DUI in Scottsdale, the consequences of a DUI conviction will remain serious. If you are facing DUI charges in Scottsdale or any other jurisdiction in Maricopa County contact Scottsdale DUI Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today for your free initial consultation.