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More Ariz. Drunk Drivers Could Pay For Jail Stays

According to news reports, officials from the Pima county sheriff's department have been meeting with judges and prosecutors in Tucson in hopes of convincing them to have DUI defendants charged for the costs of their jail time. Although DUI law in Arizona has permitted judges to require reimbursement for jail cost from persons convicted of DUI, Tucson courts have apparently been reluctant to do that.
For many years in Phoenix, Scottsdale and throughout Maricopa County; however, individuals charged with DUI have routinely been hit up for jail costs for several years now. Drivers facing DUI charges in Phoenix, Arizona might get lucky and have a DUI defense attorney who is able to convince the court to reduce the cost of their jail time. Don't expect any such breaks in Scottsdale though. Even though an extreme DUI in Scottsdale will require the payment of several thousand dollars worth of mandatory fines and assessments, Scottsdale Municipal Court judges will regularly impose an additional two to three thousand dollars worth of jails costs as well, depending on the amount of time the defendant is ordered to serve.
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