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Kaity's law implemented: Protection for victims of Teenage Dating Violence

An ex-boyfriend shot his 17-year old girl friend Kaitlyn Sudberry in January 2008. Kaitlyn's mother Bobbi wanted the purview of the domestic laws in Arizona to be broadened; for this she fought a lone battle and on Wednesday her quest was turned into a law.

In January of the year 2008 when Kaitlyn was walking home back from school Daniel Byrd saw her and shot at her; after that he also shot himself. Daniel was also 17. Prior to Wednesday domestic law encompassed married people or those who had a child or were related by blood.

Daniel Byrd had been harassing Kaity from the time she broke off with him, he would trouble her in school and threaten to kill Kaity and himself. Kaity's mother had requested for her daughter's protection but it was not accepted as the boy and Kaity were not married. After Kaity's murder, Bobbi, Kaity's mother made it her objective in life to get the purview of the law to include people who were not in a marital relationship and on Wednesday the law came to be known as Kaity's law.

Earlier when either of the partners in a dating relationship became abusive or attempted harassment the law just allowed you to report a case of harassment, now those involved get as much protection as married couples do. In fact, many domestic violence cases in Phoenix involve unmarried persons.

Allie Bones who assisted in the passing of the law stated that the person involved could be restricted from visiting your house, work or school. Kaity's mother feels proud whenever Kaity's law is mentioned though she wishes Kaity was with her and she wants people to remember Kaitlyn as her murder brought the law into effect. After years of struggle the purview of domestic violence in the state of Arizona has been broadened to include people not involved in a marital relationship.

A memorial has been created at the spot where Kaity was killed at 36th Ave, Cactus.