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Ignition Interlock Devices Now Required for All Arizona DUI Convictions

An interlock device will become mandatory if you are convicted of a DUI in Phoenix, Scottsdale or any city in Arizona.

Currently the state of Arizona requires no less than 12 months use of the interlock device in the case of a first or second offense standard DUI. This length of time also applies to the first and second offense of an extreme DUI conviction. In the case of the first offense of a super extreme DUI a lengthier sentence is required. This requirement is to be no less than eighteen months. If a second offense of this sort happens then the offender will be required to make use of the interlock device for no less than 24 months.

There can be special circumstances that require a different sort of sentencing by the courts. In the case of an aggravated DUI (which is one that involves a minor) it is possible for the defendant to find leniency with the court if an interlock device is used on a voluntary basis. This can help to reduce the revocation of a license from a three year period down to getting special permission after the first ninety days of the suspension have been served. This can also hold true in the case of an implied consent violation as long as no others have been committed within the previous seven year period.

An ignition interlock device is a mechanical means of keeping a possible repeat offender from being able to commit the same offense. It does this by measuring the current BAC of the driver before the vehicle can be started. If the BAC is over the allowed limit then the vehicle will be rendered immobile. The vehicle then cannot be started until the device receives a sample that is completely alcohol free. It can then require the driver to provide samples at any time while it is still in operation. While it is possible that the interlock device may be bypassed in some cases it is definitely not advisable.

Most all interlock devices are able to record any attempt that is made to bypass them. The company that monitors and controls the interlock devices will then report the attempts to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This may end poorly for the convicted individual. It may end in the requirement of more time that the interlock device must be used or even complete revocation of the individual's license for the full period originally handed down by the court. The most important thing for a DUI offender to remember is that by knowing the Arizona DUI laws he or she will be able to better ensure that a further offense is not committed. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your DUI attorney.

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