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At the Mesa Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, we specialize in criminal defense and represent clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges throughout Maricopa County. Being charged with a crime is difficult to face, but if you have a qualified and experienced Mesa criminal defense attorney working with you, it can be easier to manage. Mr. Davidson has established a reputation among colleagues and judges in Mesa for being a serious and aggressive attorney. With every new case he takes, he makes it his goal to maintain that reputation.

As a Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Davidson's main practice areas include:

If you need legal representation in Mesa, or if you just have questions regarding your criminal charge, we will be glad to help you. Due to his time as a prosecutor in Maricopa County, Mr. Davidson has a different view of the criminal justice system than most lawyers in Mesa. Because he has worked as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney in Mesa, he can see all sides of a case and come up with more effective defense strategies as a result.

In addition to the above-mentioned practice areas, he has experience dealing with juvenile crimes, fraud, probation violation, assault and kidnapping, so whatever criminal charges you are facing in Mesa, we can ensure that we are able to help you.

Don’t risk facing unnecessarily harsh penalties for a criminal charge. Contact Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today!

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