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Phoenix Defense Attorney for First Time DUI Charges

Charged with a first time DUI? Hire a former Arizona prosecutor to defend you.

A first time DUI conviction is most often a misdemeanor offense. This does not mean that it is a minor offense, as there could be significant penalties imposed upon you if you plead guilty or are convicted. If you want to avoid a conviction, your best opportunity to do so is to retain a veteran Phoenix DUI defense lawyer who exclusively practices criminal defense.

We will determine the best way to proceed with your case once you contact us for an initial case evaluation.

Joshua S. Davidson, founder of the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, PLC and a former prosecutor, is committed to assisting you to pursue the best possible case outcome. He plans to take your DUI defense to trial, and prepares accordingly. Other criminal defense attorneys attempt to plead down the case to a lesser charge. We take on cases and plan for trial, thus being fully prepared to fight every point in the evidence against you.

Fight a First Time DUI: DUI Lawyer in Phoenix

At that time, we will gather the facts of your arrest and work closely with you to plan your defense. We have a seasoned team of legal professionals to assist with the preparation needed to challenge the weak points of the prosecution's case. We will thoroughly investigate the arrest procedure as well as the administration of any tests you that you submitted to. Field sobriety tests are notoriously lacking in concrete evidence, yet failing these tests can initiate the process of a DUI arrest. Facing criminal charges of DUI is stressful, but we strive to alleviate your worries by presenting a well-prepared, fully supported and professional defense case to seek an acquittal at trial.

We have helped thousands of people charged with serious offenses, from domestic violence to felony DUI. We are confident that if you trust us to handle your case, you will count yourself among the many of defendants we have represented. We are professional, and we are proud of our track record of winning cases at trial.

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