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Any arrest is a harrowing experience, but for first time offenders, a criminal charge can be all the more frightening and intimidating. This can be especially true in drug charges. No only do the accused often face unknown penalties, but they also enter a brisk processing procedure. Drug crimes are very common, making it is easy to get lost in the shuffle within the system-and to have your questions and concerns go unnoticed by law enforcement and court personnel.

At the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, PLC, we understand how these first time charges can affect the accused and their loved ones. That why our team is dedicated to providing attentive, personalized service to all our clients and give each and every case the primacy it deserves. If you are up against a first drug charge, you do not have to face it alone. Call our Phoenix drug crime attorney today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Drug Penalties & "Prop 200"

Like other states, many of Arizona's criminal sentences grow in severity with repeat charges, meaning first time offenders will often face lesser penalties. However, even a first drug charge could be considered more serious, especially if there was a large amount involved, and many come with a felony classification.

Common first time felony sentences include:

  • Class 6 Felony: Up to one and a half in prison
  • Class 5 Felony: Up to two years in prison
  • Class 4 Felony: Up to three years in prison
  • Class 3 Felony: Up to 7 years in prison
  • Class 2 Felony: Up to 10 years in prison

Furthermore, thousands of dollars in fines are often attached to these penalties and if they are deemed "aggravated," then additional prison time might be applicable. Proposition 200 also has an effect on first time offenders. If the drug charge is simply for possession for personal use (and not a methamphetamine), then the accused may not be subject to incarceration or jail time.

To find out what laws and penalties you may be facing for your drug charge, we urge you call the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, PLC today. Attorney Davidson has walked countless clients through their first drug charges and secured reduced or dismissed charges both in and out of court.

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