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While serving as a County prosecutor Attorney Joshua S. Davidson handled scores of cases involving crystal meth. Now, as a private criminal defense attorney, his focus is on protecting the rights and liberties of those charged with crimes such as the possession, distribution or manufacture of crystal meth.

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The experience and skill Attorney Davidson has gained while working for the state and now, defending citizens, has garnered him a highly respected reputation amongst jurists, attorneys, and clients in the Phoenix area and beyond. Known for his unfailing dedication to protecting our legal rights, he is the perfect choice to represent you if you have been charged with a crime of any magnitude.

Dedicated to Protecting Your Rights in Crystal Meth Charges

As we all know by now, the drug methamphetamine, commonly known as "crystal meth" is a highly addictive, easily obtainable drug manufactured not in a drug company laboratory, but by private individuals. This drug, due to its inconsistent manufacturing and lack of quality controls, can turn deadly in a heartbeat.

There have been countless stories in the news about crystal meth operations exploding due to the unsafe handling and storage of chemicals associated with its manufacture. For this reason, the investigation and prosecution efforts of crystal meth lab operations and the possession and sale of the drug is top on the list of law enforcement officials in Arizona and our surrounding states. The law enforcement efforts even affect the sale and possession of the associated substances used to synthesize methamphetamine. Sudafed for instance, is highly regulated today, due to the fact that it can be used to make meth.

Additionally, persons charged with drug offenses involving methamphetamine are automatically subjected to increased penalties that do not apply to virtually every other narcotic or dangerous drug. For example, unlike every other possession for sale charge, there is no "threshold" amount for methamphetamine cases.

This means that a person convicted of selling methamphetamine or merely possessing it with intent to sell must be sentenced to a term in the Arizona Department of Corrections if found guilty; regardless of how small the quantity involved might be. Similarly, persons convicted of personal possession of Methamphetamine are not eligible for "proposition 100" which guarantees that persons convicted of possession receive probation in lieu of a prison sentence for most first offenses.

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