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Defending Against Drug Charges in Phoenix

Federal and state drug laws make it illegal to possess or distribute controlled substances in Phoenix such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, and heroin. These laws make it illegal to possess any chemicals used to cultivate and manufacture drugs as well as certain accessories related to drug use. Drug possession laws vary from state to state and according to drug type and amount. Possession of small amounts can be considered “simple” possession, while possession of larger quantities can result in a charge of “possession with intent to distribute.”

Federal drug statues classify controlled substances according to “schedules.” The Attorney General has the authority to delete or add substances and the drugs located on the schedules are referred to as “Controlled Dangerous Substances.”

Have you been arrested for a drug crime in Phoenix, AZ?

Arizona laws impose strict penalties for individuals convicted of drug crimes such as drug possession, possession for sale, transportation and other serious offenses. When an arrest occurs that results in criminal charges for a drug crime, it is vital that a skilled and experienced attorney gives guidance to the alleged criminal.

The legal team at the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson has the experience, the skill and most important of all the absolute dedication to our clients' needs to ensure every single case receives the attention and aggressive defense that are vital to obtaining a successful conclusion for a case.

Whether your goal is to avoid a conviction entirely, or due to unavoidable circumstances your hope is to receive a lesser penalty or even less harsh charges, the Phoenix drug crime attorneys at our firm will do everything we can to increase your chances of winning your case.

How We Can Help

There are several different key areas in which we are able to help defend clients. These include, but are not limited to, drug possession charges such as possession for sale, drug sales, drug transportation, manufacturing, drug importation and cultivation, as well as other serious charges for various types of drugs and offenses. Some serious criminal drug charges we can assist with include charges related to marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth, prescription drugs, ecstasy and heroin, as well as charges for prescription forgery and search warrant issues.

Due to the complexity of criminal cases, it is entirely possible that if you are arrested for a drug crime, your case could be dismissed almost immediately or could drag on for many months, or even longer. This is because the process of an extensive investigation by authorities, the prosecution as well as your own defense attorney can vary greatly. These investigations as well as the process of researching and thoroughly understanding laws can become highly complex and extensive from the very start, making the necessity of a skilled attorney immediately apparent.

Phoenix Drug Crime Lawyer

When you have been arrested for a crime as serious as a drug crime in Phoenix, don't hesitate to seek the legal guidance you need. Our firm offers a free case evaluation to help you understand where your case stands, how we can help you with your case as well as the answers to any other questions that we are able to give. We can help you handle your case and will do everything we can to set you on solid ground as a defense is prepared against your criminal charges.

Phoenix Drug Offenses: Drug Possession Charges & Punishment

Punishment for drug crimes depends on the following:

  • The Quantity of the Drug
  • The Drugs Classification under the Schedules
  • The Purpose of the Drugs Possession

It has been Mr. Davidson's experience that the most serious drug crimes are producing illegal drugs, manufacturing drugs, and selling drugs. In most states, possession of drugs for personal use is considered to be a serious crime, but in other states possession for personal use is punished less severely than distribution crimes are. Possession of drugs with the intent to distribute them is a serious crime, and prosecutors can try to prove your intent to distribute simply by showing the quantity of the drug you possessed, regardless of whether or not you actually distributed the drug.

In Arizona, drug offenses can result in mandatory prison time and the sentences surrounding drug offenses are increasing in severity. If you’ve been charged with felony drug possession, trafficking, or narcotics sales you can face heavy fines and lengthy prison sentences if convicted. As a Lawyer who concentrates on drug crime defense cases, Joshua S. Davidson can make sure that you receive the legal advice you need when facing drug related criminal charges in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale or Tempe.

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