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Like most other white-collar crimes, theft of a credit card is aggressively prosecuted and carries serious potential penalties. The criminal act of theft of a credit card or obtaining a credit card by fraudulent means is a class 5 felony in Phoenix and can be punished by up to 2.5 years in the state prison. In some cases, you can be charged with the offense even if you don't possess the actual card.

The offense is committed when a person:

  • Steals a credit card or credit card account number
  • Possesses a credit card or account number knowing or having reason to know that it was stolen
  • With intent to defraud, makes a sale or transfer of a credit card or credit card account number
  • Obtains control of a account number or credit card as collateral for a debt with the intent to defraud

If you have been charged with theft of a credit card in Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Mesa or Scottsdale, you could be facing fines, restitution, prison, jail, probation and community service. A conviction for theft of a credit card can also jeopardize your reputation and negatively affect your career. Phoenix Credit Card Theft Attorney Joshua S. Davidson has extensive experience handling all types of theft related offenses and understands how much is at stake in your Phoenix credit card fraud case. Because credit card theft offenses are taken very seriously by the prosecution, you should have an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney fighting to protect your rights.

Phoenix Theft of a Credit Card Defense Lawyer

Phoenix Credit Card Fraud Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson handles theft and credit card cases very serious. He will let you know exactly what potential punishment you are facing and will tireless seek a favorable outcome in your case. Mr. Davidson comprehends the sensitive nature of Phoenix theft of a credit card cases and knows firsthand how proactive legal representation can make all the difference.

Although some Phoenix credit card fraud cases are supported by strong documentary evidence such as signed receipts and camera footage, Phoenix credit card fraud attorney Joshua S. Davidson knows how to identify weak charges and implement effective defense strategies that may result in a dismissal of your charges.

As a former felony prosecutor, Phoenix credit card theft lawyer Joshua S. Davidson possesses a comprehensive perspective that allows him to better anticipate and attack the prosecution's tactics. There is never a charge for your initial consultation so contact the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson today to see how he can put his experience to work for you.

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