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Phoenix White Collar Crime Lawyer: Fraud, Forgery, Embezzlement, Bribery & Extortion

As a seasoned Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer who has been working in Arizona for years, Joshua S. Davidson has dealt with many cases regarding white collar crimes. A white collar crime is generally defined as a non-violent act involving deception, manipulation, and concealment and is usually committed by a business person or public official.

Different types of white-collar crime include:

  • Fraud - making a material misrepresentation or failing to disclose a material fact in order to convince another person to give up something of value.
  • Forgery – making/altering a document for the purpose of fraud or deceit.
  • Embezzlement – the taking of someone’s property by a person with whom it is entrusted.
  • Bribery – when someone gives or takes a bribe.
  • Extortion – (Blackmail)
  • Larceny – taking someone’s property without paying for or returning it.
  • Racketeering – the extortion of money by force or pattern of criminal activity.
  • Price Fixing – when two parties agree to set the price for a product, violating free marketing operations.
  • Tax Evasion – intentional avoidance of paying mandatory taxes to the government.
  • Money Laundering – hiding the source and/or destination of illegally obtained funds.

Depending upon whether a state or federal law was broken, white collar crimes can be prosecuted at a State or Federal level. Phoenix White collar crime convictions tend to result in hefty fines, jail time, and in restitution to the victims of the crime.

Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney: White Collar Crime Representation

As a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer, Joshua S. Davidson understands the complexity of white collar fraud cases. Federal authorities often spend a year or longer investigating white collar crimes and gathering evidence before the charges are even filed. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that an attorney take action on your behalf to ensure proper procedures are adhered to during investigation. Having a lawyer to protect your rights from early on will help ensure that your case is handled properly.

Most individuals charged with white collar crimes in Arizona are aware that they are under investigation and should take advantage of this opportunity to seek out legal representation at an early stage. It is critical that you seek legal help the second you suspect that you or your company is involved in a white collar criminal investigation.

If you suspect that you or your company is under criminal investigation for a white collar crime, contact Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson immediately.

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