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Phoenix police and prosecutors recently won a big victory in the Arizona Court of Appeals when it ruled that resisting arrest can be charged even when the physical force used against the arresting officer was limited to “minor scuffling”. Arizona Courts have also allowed prosecutors to obtain convictions in Phoenix resisting cases based on actions committed by the defendant even after they are already handcuffed.

Typical Phoenix resisting arrest cases involve allegations by the arresting officers that the defendant pulled away from them after they grabbed the defendant or that the defendant took an aggressive posture or a fighting stance towards the police officer while they were attempting to make the arrest. Resisting arrest is a class six felony under Arizona law and could result in prison, probation, fines, or jail if you are found guilty, not to mention the lifelong consequences of a potential felony conviction.

Resisting Arrest in Phoenix

Phoenix resisting arrest lawyer Joshua S. Davidson understands how many resisting arrest charges are based only on the testimony of the police officer without any physical evidence (such as an injury or damaged uniform) to substantiate the allegation. For this reason, many trials on resisting arrest charges in Phoenix are decided exclusively on the credibility of the officer’s testimony. Not surprisingly, Phoenix prosecutors aggressively pursue resisting arrest cases and may effectively force you into having a trial on your charge by refusing to make a reasonable plea offer.

If your Phoenix resisting arrest charge results in a jury trial, either because you are innocent or because the prosecution refuses to reduce your charge if you enter into a plea agreement, you will need an experienced Phoenix resisting arrest lawyer working on your case who has the trial experience needed to effectively challenge the testimony of police officers and other witnesses called by the State.

Criminal defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson is a veteran of over 70 jury trials who knows how to identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and will use his experience to help you pursue an acquittal.

As a former prosecutor, Joshua S. Davidson has seen both sides of many resisting arrest charges. Call Joshua S. Davidson today and allow him to put his experience to work for you. He is an aggressive Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer who understands your rights and will fight for your freedom.

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