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If you have been charged with a dangerous offense in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa or Glendale, you are subject to Arizona’s mandatory sentencing laws which require the judge to order a sentence in the Arizona State Prison if you are found guilty. Even if the incident was your first offense and you have no criminal record whatsoever, the law makes no exceptions for dangerous offenses, the court must order a prison term. Many different felony criminal acts can be charged by the prosecutor's office as a dangerous offense, including kidnapping, aggravated assault, armed robbery, disorderly conduct, and endangerment.

Under Arizona law, a Dangerous Offense is defined as one that involves either:

  • The intentional or knowing infliction of “serious physical injury”; or
  • An offense where a “dangerous instrument” or “deadly weapon” was used, discharged or exhibited in a threatening manner

A significant number of dangerous offenses charged in Phoenix are based on the alleged brandishing of a gun, knife or other weapon. Because dangerous crimes carry a mandatory prison sentence, prosecutors do not hesitate to file dangerous offense charges against an individual based only on the victim’s allegation that they were threatened. Regardless of whether the crime involves any physical injury or not, the County Attorney’s Office has a policy of requiring a prison term as part of any plea agreement when a gun is allegedly involved.

In other cases, the prosecution will seek conviction for a dangerous offense based on the extent of the victim’s injuries. It is important to note that the degree of injury required before a case can be charged as dangerous is very significant and often involves serious disfigurement to the victim that is permanent.

When a criminal act is charged as a dangerous offense in Phoenix, the individual accused is entitled to a trial by jury on both the underlying charge (such as aggravated assault or endangerment) and the allegation that the crime was a dangerous offense. If the trial results in a guilty verdict but the prosecution is unable to prove either of the two dangerous factors beyond a reasonable doubt, the defendant will be punished for a non-dangerous offense and may be eligible for probation depending on their criminal history and the facts of their case.

Phoenix Dangerous Offenses Defense Lawyer

Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson has handled dangerous cases ranging from disorderly conduct to armed robbery. With his vast courtroom experience, he has the knowledge necessary to create effective defense strategies for trial designed to challenge all aspects of the prosecution's case, including the dangerous charge. Prosecutors and judges alike take dangerous crimes very seriously and the only way to avoid prison if you are charged with a dangerous offense might be to prevail at a jury trial.

If you have been charged with a dangerous crime, it is critical that you have an experienced trial attorney defending your rights and taking the fight to the prosecution. Phoenix Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson has completed over 70 jury trials involving criminal charges and has the experience to maximize your chances of avoiding a conviction.

If you have been charged with a dangerous offense in Phoenix, your freedom and liberty are in jeopardy. Contact Phoenix Dangerous Crimes Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today for your complementary initial consultation.

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