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As a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer, Joshua S. Davidson has had many cases dealing with assault charges. An assault conviction can bring serious penalties such as probation, fines, and jail or prison sentences. Assault is the act of putting another person in fear of harm by using force or the threat of force, causing a physical injury to another person, or merely touching another person with the intent to injure them. If the defendant uses a deadly weapon while attempting or committing assault, it is considered an aggravated assault.

Depending upon the circumstances of the crime, assault may be charged and prosecuted as either a felony or a misdemeanor in the state of Arizona. An assault conviction should be taken very seriously, as it may stay on your record for life. Because of his previous experience as a Phoenix prosecutor, Joshua S. Davidson has a unique perspective that allows him to view all sides of the assault cases that he takes on. He knows what weaknesses to look for in the prosecuting attorneys arguments, and this helps him secure an effective defense tactic to suit your case.

Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson: Common Assault Defenses

As an experienced Phoenix assault defense attorney, Joshua S. Davidson knows of many ways to approach your assault charges that will maximize the likelihood of a reduction or acquittal of the charges against you. Self-defense, mistaken identity, and lack of physical evidence are all common defenses to assault charges, and he will make sure to examine all facts and evidence against you to prepare the proper defense.

In many cases of assault in Phoenix, police arrive after the incident has already occurred, forcing them to quickly assess the situation. When police have to take action quickly, they tend to overlook and miss important information and evidence, which can work against you should your case go to trial. When police are quick to arrest people involved with assault, they fail to thoroughly investigate and evaluate evidence of self-defense.

As a seasoned Phoenix criminal defense attorney, Joshua S. Davidson realizes the complexity of assault charges and the circumstances and procedures surrounding an assault conviction. Experienced with the Phoenix criminal defense system, he can provide you with legal guidance regarding your assault charges. The Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson will work hard for you and give your case the attention it deserves.

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