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Unlawful Flight Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona

The Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson represents individuals accused of felony flight, otherwise known as unlawful flight from pursuing law enforcement vehicle. Unlawful flight is committed when a driver tries to flee from a pursuing police officer who is using his lights and siren. Legally, the reason the police offer wanted to stop you is irrelevant. If you elude the police while they attempting to stop you with their lights and sirens, even if it’s only for a broken taillight, you can be charged with unlawful flight.

If you have been charged with unlawful flight in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa or Glendale, you could be facing prison, probation, jail time, and the revocation of your drivers license if you are convicted. Unlawful flight from law enforcement is a class five felony in Arizona and is prosecuted very aggressively by the county attorney’s office.

Unlawful Flight Defense Lawyer

Most Phoenix unlawful flight cases are best defended by challenging whether the defendant was acting willfully. There are several scenarios where a person having no intent to elude may not immediately pull over for the police:

The driver may be unaware that the police are behind them because they are listening to loud music The driver might believe the officer is attempting to stop another vehicle The driver may want to wait until they reach a well-lit area before the pulling over at night.

Unfortunately, many police officers take it personally if you don’t pull over fast enough for them and will add felony flight charges even when there was never any intent to avoid the police. Phoenix unlawful flight attorney Joshua S. Davidson will perform a comprehensive defense investigation of your unlawful flight case and obtain statements from any witnesses who may have seen the incident. Sometimes newer vehicles have “black boxes” that store downloadable information regarding the movements of the vehicle that can also help dispel false allegations of eluding the police. Because so much is at stake in your case, it is critical that you have a Phoenix unlawful flight lawyer who will leave no stone unturned in building your defense.

Joshua S. Davidson is a Phoenix Unlawful flight attorney who has helped many clients charged with traffic-related offenses throughout Maricopa County. The Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson is committed to providing its clients with a first-class defense and will aggressively seek a dismissal or reduction of your Phoenix unlawful flight charges.

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