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Theft of means of transportation is one of the most aggressively prosecuted offenses in Phoenix, Arizona. There are a staggering number of car thefts committed in Phoenix every year and the laws in Phoenix reflect the “get tough” attitude shared by many government officials. For example, Arizona is one of the few states in the entire county where an individual can be convicted of theft of a means of transportation for merely driving a car that was previously stolen – even if they had no actual knowledge of the prior theft.

A significant number of Phoenix Theft of Means of Transportation cases involve only the allegation that the driver “should have known” that the particular car was previously stolen from the true owner. All Phoenix vehicle theft cases are treated harshly by the prosecutor’s office and they will seek a jail sentence of at least 90 days in all cases, including first offenses. Other potential consequences of a Phoenix car theft conviction include prison, probation, restitution, community service and fines.

Joshua S. Davidson is an accomplished Phoenix Defense Lawyer who has handled many theft of means of transportation cases and knows how to maximize your chances of avoided these harsh penalties. Neither the law nor the prosecutor makes any distinction between the person who actually steals a car and the person caught driving it days, weeks or months later. Phoenix Theft of Means of Transportation attorney Joshua S. Davidson will provide you with the best representation available regardless of the facts in your case.

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Many car theft cases are won or lost based on the knowledge and intent of the defendant. A large number of these defendants were unaware that the car was stolen until they were stopped by the police. It has been the experience of Mr. Davidson that many individuals panic under these circumstances and their nervousness is either misinterpreted or misrepresented by the police.

A veteran of over 70 jury trials, Phoenix Car Theft Attorney Joshua S. Davidson possess the knowledge and skill required to get your side of the story to the jury and maximize your chances of a not guilty verdict at trial.

Misunderstandings and vindictiveness can also sometimes lead to a wrongful arrest in a Phoenix Theft of Means of Transportation case. If an individual is accused of failing to return a leased or borrowed car to a rental company or friend, vehicle theft charges can be filed even if the driver did intend to eventually return it. Because automobile theft is a serious felony offense in Phoenix, you should make sure that your rights are being protected by an experienced professional whether you are accused of stealing a car, driving a stolen car, or failing to return a rented/borrowed car. Depending on the facts of your case, there may several possible defense strategies that can be utilized. Joshua S. Davidson is a seasoned Phoenix Automobile Theft Attorney who will thoroughly review your charges to determine the best available defense and will exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

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