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As a criminal defense lawyer taking cases in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and Tempe, Joshua S. Davidson has experience in dealing with kidnapping charges. Kidnapping is defined as the taking of a person from one place to another against their will, or the confinement of a person in a controlled space against their will.

Many elements will be used in the discovery and trial phases of this case. Our Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can evaluate the various aspects to build the strongest defense possible, reduce the chances of an unfavorable verdict or prevent conviction. He has more than 20 years of legal experience and has obtained numerous victories for clients.

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Arizona Laws on Kidnapping Charges

kidnapping is such a broad legal category, people committing a variety of restraint type actions can be charged with kidnapping. Kidnapping charges are based on an individual’s intent to restrain another person, so even if you restrain a person just for a moment, you could be charged with kidnapping.

According to Arizona state law, kidnapping occurs when a person intentionally restrains another person with the intent to:

  • Hold the victim for ransom or as a shield or hostage
  • Hold the victim for involuntary servitude
  • Inflict death, physical injury, or sexual offense
  • Seize or exercise control over any vehicle, airplane, bus, train or ship

Mr. Davidson has been a criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix for many years and have extensive knowledge when it comes to handling cases with kidnapping charges.

It has been his experience that kidnapping is often charged in connection with other crimes, such as:

Phoenix Kidnapping Penalties & Defenses

Kidnapping is considered to be a felony offense in Arizona, and if convicted you could face harsh legal penalties such as jail or prison time, and kidnappings by a family member could result in loss of custody.

A Phoenix criminal defense attorney may use two main defenses when defending your kidnapping case. The first defense is “consent.” If a lawyer can prove that you believed the victim consented, your kidnapping charges could be dropped. The second defense is “lack of intent.” Sometimes the intention of the defendant is hard to prove, but by choosing a skilled lawyer who can provide proof that the intent to kidnap was not present, you could receive a verdict in your favor or a reduction in your charges to the much less serious offense of Unlawful Imprisonment.

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The laws surrounding kidnapping charges can be difficult to understand, and you need an attorney who can cover every base to maximize your chances of avoiding a conviction for this felony offense. As a serious and aggressive Phoenix criminal defense lawyer, Joshua S. Davidson can provide you with the experienced representation your case calls for.

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