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Stalking and harassment crimes in Arizona are treated very harshly and are usually prosecuted as felony offenses. In general, an individual can be charged with stalking if they commit a series of acts that would frighten a reasonable person. The victim of the stalking must actually fear for their safety or the safety of their family before charges can be filed. In Phoenix, harassment is less serious than stalking and only requires evidence that the defendant continuously bothered, alarmed, or annoyed the victim with acts that served no legitimate purpose.

These offenses tend to involve an existing relationship between the defendant and the alleged victim. Because a large number of stalking cases in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa and Tempe arise from fractured relationships, the possibility of untrue or misleading allegations from the accuser is increased. Phoenix stalking defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson is a former felony prosecutor who was assigned to the family violence bureau of the county attorney’s office and prosecuted numerous domestic violence cases including those involving stalking. He understands that sometimes the “victims’ of harassment and restraining order cases will initiate contact or otherwise lure the defendant into resuming their relationship only to later file a police report when they become angry or upset for some reason. Phoenix restraining order attorney Joshua S. Davidson has seen for too many cases where spiteful ex-spouses and former boyfriends/girlfriends have used these laws as a sword and not a shield.

Harassment and Stalking Defense in Phoenix

Stalking and harassment convictions in Phoenix can carry significant penalties including prison, probation, jail time and fines. Phoenix Harassment Attorney Joshua S. Davidson will vigorously challenge the validity of your stalking or harassment charges and take the fight to the prosecution. Having him protect your rights will help maximize your chances of a dismissal or reduction in your charges.

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