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As a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer, Joshua S. Davidson knows how serious the consequences can be when facing violent offense charges. In Phoenix, Violent Crimes typically involve the use of a weapon or the infliction of injury upon the victim. Under Arizona law, many violent offenses can be classified as what is called a “dangerous offense”. If an individual is convicted of a dangerous offense in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe or Glendale, the court is required by law to sentence them to prison. This mandatory sentencing law for many violent offenses does not make any exceptions for those who have no prior criminal record. Joshua S. Davidson is a former felony prosecutor who has successfully handled many violent offenses including aggravated assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He understands how high the stakes are when a person is charged with a violent crime and will help you mount a vigorous defense to your Phoenix Violent Crime charge.

Phoenix criminal defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson will provide you with serious and aggressive representation if you are charged with any of the following violent crime offenses:

Phoenix Violent Crime Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested for a violent crime, it is highly likely that a prosecutor will begin building a case against you, even if you’ve not been formally charged yet. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Davidson has a deep understanding of this process and knows how to combat the evidence against you in order to build a compelling case in your defense.

If convicted of a violent crime in Arizona, it can cost you thousands of dollars in fines as well as time in jail or prison. Because a majority of violent crimes are prosecuted as felonies, serious sentences can result from a guilty verdict. If a weapon was used in the crime, the resulting penalties can be particularly harsh. At the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, the firm will work very hard to minimize your violent crime charges.

It is in your best interest to contact an aggressive and experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure your rights. Many people do not understand the complexities of our legal system and can unintentionally make things worse regarding their case. To prevent this from happening, you need a qualified lawyer behind you throughout the entire criminal process. From the initial investigation to court proceedings, to the final resolution of your case, Joshua S. Davidson will provide you with skilled and experienced legal defense. He understands how a conviction can affect the lives of you and your family, so he is committed to making sure that you receive a fair trial and the most aggressive legal representation possible.

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